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Nairobi, Kenya

gold stores

Within the BBS Mall, there will be approximately 30 shops selling only gold as a gold souq. The design concept of the shops here is considered according to the product they sell. Gold is mined underground as a mineral. There is gold at a depth of hundreds of meters underground in a completely unlit environment. The gold, which is located under the light environment in the shops, is actually found underground in a completely black room for centuries. In reference to this underground extraction of gold, the interior of the store was designed entirely in a black tone. Black marble and black velvet, burgundy velvet textiles were used on the walls. With this dark background, it has already come to the fore as a gold product. Since it was thought that 3 people would work in the store at the same time, it was tried to gain as much counter space as possible by designing angle stall shape to create more efficient using on customer's side.


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