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Nairobi, Kenya

BBS Mosque 

The mosque was designed by reconsidering the elements of classical lslamic archi­tecture with a modern understanding.
The entrance facade is formed with 4 pointed arches. The arches on each door emphasize the entrance by staggering into each other.
8 round spaces are designed around a main circle on the ceiling. 8 spaces point to 8 different doors of paradise in lslamic belief. The space in the middle and the 8 spaces around it also indicate the points where the chandeliers in the ceiling light­ing are located.
On the Qibla wall, the niche where the imam will pray has been designed and em­phasized. The sermon course and the pulpit(minbar) were also designed within the qibla wall. Particularly, by designing the pulpit(minbar) inside the wall, the divi­sion in the area where prayers are performed has been eliminated.
Daylight is let in through high windows on the side walls. Unear wooden studs continue from the side walls to the ceiling and establish a relationship between the wall and the ceiling.
in the ablution area, the relationship between the linear lights and the interior wall and ceiling has been tried to be continued . 




Ceiling of Main Pray Hall

Main Prayer Hall

Ablution Hall

Office Building

BBS Mosque 1

Dubai Iconic Mosque



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Gisozi, District of GasaboKigali


Landvale, No:30,  Westlands Rd,Nairobi


Nuhkuyusu street, No:299/4

Altunizade, Uskudar/Istanbul

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