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Mugla, Turkey

Bodrum Chamber of Commerce 


As of the end of 2014, Bodrum is the largest district in the Muğla Province, with a population of 152,440. Bodrum plays a locomotive role with its increasing population every year, as well as the commercial life that is getting stronger in other sectors besides the tourism sector.

Bodrum, which has been home to many civilizations since ancient times, continued its economic and cultural existence in Persian, Macedonian (Alexander), Helen, Roman and Byzantine periods by establishing the most important civilization of the period with the Carians, starting from the Lelegians and also affected other civilizations. It is an important cultural capital of the period of Halicarnassus, which has one of the 7 wonders of the world with Mausoleum of King Mausoleus.

Bodrum Chamber of Commerce New Service Building will increase the representation power of Bodrum, which will be designed with an original design that will appeal to approximately 6,500 members, 40 personnel and 70 Chamber Organ Members, and will represent Bodrum in every sense.

The project area is Muğla 1986, Bodrum District, Konacık District, 1986. Bodrum-Turgutreis (D-330) highway, 200 meters from Bitez junction, 6.2 km from Bodrum Municipality, 5.5 km from the bus terminal. Plot latitude 37 ° 3 '10.66K and Longitude 27 ° 22'54.26D. The area in question is planned as the Municipal Service Area in the zoning plan, and the area of the real estate is 1801.09 m2 and has the right to construction with a constructional ratio of 0.60.

Bodrum houses with vertical rectangular character have walls consisting of deaf surfaces with few windows. It is tried to be protected from excessive air temperatures in summer with very small windows. That is why closed walls with deaf surface in Bodrum houses define a second characteristic formation. These local architectural characters were taken into consideration in the new project. The vertical character of the Bodrum Houses was obtained by splitting more vertical rectangles in different volumes instead of a single piece cube.

The Bodrum city has a cubic character.This whole piece of geometric structure gives a modern character to the city. While the building is being designed, it is inspired by this piece of character.Surface continuity is ensured and a unity is achieved in the parted facade.The structure is fragmented according to functions, not as a whole volume. 


House Complex

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