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Kirsehir, Turkey

Planetarıum, kırsehır


Architectural Approach; set up on a single orbit of the sights!


Planetarium building space program was discussed considering the space sciences.Each planet has a separate orbit.Planets, they realized that even the so-called curvilinear trajectory of the movement. Planets move in a certain trajectory in space. Planets, out of the impasse on this particular border orbit.


A combination of building program in the desired location 'orbit', has been put on the concept. The planets move in one direction as they make curvilinear is discussed in a straight line.
Circular motion in orbit, obtained by cutting a straight direction as scissors cut a rope or something. Various different functions in the space program, not arrayed in a row facing the rear are arranged on the straight line.


Building design a direction (trajectory) on the succession, it can be expressed as overlapping spaces, which can be expressed as and the people who moved.

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