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Luleburgaz, Turkey

woman academy 


Female academy wins architectural identity can be expressed as the home of the specialized units.Women who are being home from home next to the many other tasks in society.1.5 meters is facilitated detection of buried structures resembling this house unit.Reached down to 1.5 meters down the ramp structure.It created a platform that is available for women only 2 meters above the ground.This platform offers a private outdoor space for women only.Two main entrance where there was emphasized on both platforms 3 meters by removing entries created both platform events digits.With triangular courtyard below were light units both on the platform and the platform was provided to create dynamic perspectives. 
Women subjected to violence from her husband be able to use the shelter.Through workshops will have the opportunity to better assess the time surrounding all women. 
is a women's academy project consists of the following sub-units:
workshops,nursery,women's shelters, exhibition hall, female support units, conference hall, sports hall.

Office Complex

Office Building

Kizilirmak Bridge



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