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Mardin, Turkey

Mixed Use Building 
Structure: RC Structure
Plot area: 2667 sqm
Built up area: 1522 sqm
Total construction area: 11 058 sqm
Storeys: 11 floors (Basement+G+8+Penthouse)
Building coverage: 57%
Building height: 28.50 m
Basement car park:31 cars
Open car park: 28 cars



The client requested an apartment block for the land, which has 2 floors of commercial use and apartments on the upper floors. He has requested a market area to rent out on the ground floor. An open car park has been created for the users who will come to the market area to shop comfortably without going down to the basement car park.After parking for 28 cars, the remaining area is designed for commercial units on 2 floors. The thickness of the same apartment block will be adversely affected if the light intake housing units and commercial spaces so the apartment block has a thinner body than the commercial units. On the 2nd floor where the housing starts, a common area is designed for all apartment users. Commercial floors and apartment floors are separated from each other as exterior materials. The entrance of the apartment is taken from the rear road and the maximum use of the façade of the commercial units is ensured.

Albert Apartments

Circle Apartments

Cascade Apartments



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