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Mombasa, KENYA

mix use building 


The project site is located in mombasa city of Kenya. Mombasa has an incredibly beautiful base of historical urban fabric with its colonial era buildings. The project we designed is one of these historical urban fabric structures. It has a 3m long cantilever concrete canopy on the ground floor.Behind the building, there is a small inner courtyard. In the project, an additional reinforced concrete structure was added to this small inner courtyard, thus increasing square meters. This added structure was continued 3 times more than the existing building, and the building typology was developed with the apartment units.The reinforced concrete eaves on the façade of the building are 3m further from the façade of the building and the 2 façades are extended towards this 3m eaves by adding steel sutures.Thus, an increase in m2 was achieved on the 1st and 2nd floors in the interior space. From the column hangers on the ground floor, a transition was created at angles to the concrete canopy of the building.Normally, the facade of the building looks like a separate building from this reinforced concrete canopy at the level of the 1st floor floor. With the added 3m steel structure, the 1st and 2nd floor facades of the building are aligned with the reinforced concrete eaves, and the architectural relationship between the eaves and the façade is strengthened.Again, architectural vertical elements designed from the ground floor to the canopy have been the elements that strengthen this relationship.

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