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gacuriro 2020 villa renovation


The project is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. One of the 100 brick houses was redesigned to add more rooms. The fact that the neighboring buildings in the region are located with the same architecture creates an architectural language. It was requested by the client to make an additional room and to obtain better space organization in order to rent the house at a better price in one of the buildings within this language union. The most difficult part here is to preserve the language unity in the region with the additions to be made. By adding re-flooring on the single-storey area at the back, 3 rooms were obtained instead of 2 rooms on the upper floor. 2 rooms facing the front façade have been expanded forward with the annex building to the front. The car parking area on the front of the house has been rearranged in the neighboring parcel. A swimming pool was designed in the place where there was a car parking area ahead of it. The servant's room and bathroom, which were located in the main mass in the original house, were designed outside and a water tank area was designed on it. Along with this servant building, a second kitchen was designed outside for the house. The terrace area, which is small on the ground floor, was further expanded with the addition made to extend the upper floor. The additional room on the 1st floor at the back is designed to follow the roof slope. This part was made in black to ensure its separation from the brick structure and its harmony with it.The small spaces on the ground floor were demolished to create clearer spaces.

Roof Home

Office Complex

Corner Apartments



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Gisozi, District of GasaboKigali


Landvale, No:30,  Westlands Rd,Nairobi


Nuhkuyusu street, No:299/4

Altunizade, Uskudar/Istanbul

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