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The project is located in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Rwanda has a structure that allows outdoor use as a climate. With its lush climate, Kigali, unlike other cities, allows different design possibilities when designing houses.The building designed on a 4000 m2 land was designed as a family house.It is one of the most important demands of the client that the house is different from the existing structures in the surrounding and not a replica project.
Architects generally do not use angles in the building when designing houses, the masses are connected to each other at right angles. The rational solution is beautiful in one respect, but lacks the dynamic effect of masses coming together at different angles.In this structure, the necessary functions to provide this dynamic setup were divided into 3 main masses and these 3 masses were brought together to make angles with each other.At the intersection of these 3 masses and their positions relative to each other, a dynamic fiction was formed, like the Da Vinci panting characters looking at different angles.
The structure consists of 3 main masses coming together at different angles. Each mass has different volumes. As these different volumes come together, they create dynamic spaces between the 3 masses. The house has 2000 m2 closed area. The spaces of the house bring the interior spaces closer to nature with its geometry that is dispersed in the green area and touches the green.
Generally, house buildings are structures consisting of a single block. Here, different masses were brought together to make a house in a closed area that the customer wanted. While these three masses do not have any architectural identity when they exist on their own, they form a dynamic fiction thanks to their defining each other and adding meaning to each other's different angles.
The house has 9 rooms, gym saloon, spa, home theater, 2 kitchens, 3 saloons and game saloon. The main saloon is 2 floors high and is located in the mass standing diagonally to the other two masses.
There are 7 bedrooms on the 2nd floor of the house. There are 2 guest rooms on the ground floor. The mass perpendicular to the main road on the floor does not have a space on the ground and 1st floor and touches the pool with a column. The structure defines different spaces that provide privacy in the garden. The users of the house will be able to host their own guests in their own spaces.The use of outdoor space in the building is provided not only by the use of the garden but also by the terraces created at different levels.


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Gisozi, District of GasaboKigali


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