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legacy hospıtal

Structure: RC Structure
Plot area: 8905 sqm
Built up area: 1403 sqm
Total construction area: 7106 sqm
Storeys: 6 floors( basement +G+ 3 floors+rooftop)
Building height: 18.50 m
Patient bed capacity:53 beds



Legacy Diagnostic and Clinics started to operate in Rwanda since 2015 to provide specialized diagnosis services. It is located in Nyarugunga Sector, Kicukuro District of City of Kigali, Rwanda.


The high expertise of available medical resources and quality of services created a high demand of customers requiring the services of clinic. This has pushed the project owners to extend the existing clinic in order to provide more services and reach many clients.


The project proposed proposes an extension near the existing building with another building block to provide more spaces to existing services of the clinic and accommodate new speciality services to be provided by the Clinic in the future.


This building block, as per the discussions with clients, would be planned and designed as a complex of international standards equipped with state-of-the-art service spaces.


Prominent features of the building


The extension building comprises of 1 Basement, Ground plus 3 floors.


Main entrance to the building is taken at ground floor level on the front facade as diagonal. The entrance to the basement is  at the north east rear facade of the building.


Secondary Entrance to the building is provided at north east of the building for easy access to the emergency area.


The building covers a gross floor area of 7106.98 m2. Its spatial organization encompasses:


The basement  of the building provides spaces for sterilization, laundry area and kitchen. The space for sterilization is composed by dispatch area, two room fo sterilization, preparation and packing room, Decontamination room and dirty storage area, laundry is composed by drying area, receiving room, clean storage room, sluicing room and washing room. Total basement floor covers the gross area of 750.00 m2. In addition, for those spaces it covers also space for toilets.

First floors provide spaces for Intensive care unit(ICU) department, Post surgery ward department, and operation theater department.


The intensive care unit department is composed by main ICU shared rooms, Private ICU rooms nurse station and pediatric ICU room as well as changing rooms for ladies and gents in parallel to nurse’s rest rooms.


Post-surgery department is composed by private and post-surgery ward, nurse station and pediatric post-surgery ward room.


Operation theater department is composed by Two operation rooms with two induction rooms, two transfers out rooms. The operations rooms are equipped by device and equipment room and also sterilization room. Operation Theater have also Doctor Lounge equipped with changing rooms for ladies and gents. Nurse station and nurse’s room with changing rooms was provided also to the operation theater.


Medical store, staff and recovery rooms was provided in the first floor as well as two briefing rooms and public access

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Gisozi, District of GasaboKigali


Landvale, No:30,  Westlands Rd,Nairobi


Nuhkuyusu street, No:299/4

Altunizade, Uskudar/Istanbul

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