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Val Lumnezia, Switzerland

Mountain spa


The project plot is located in Switzerland. Val Lumnezia is a sunny mountain valley in Switzerland with a magnificent panorama stretching south from Ilanz. It forms the largest lateral valley of Surselva and is considered a small but outstanding cultural and natural tourist destination.
It consists of several towns in the region such as Lumbrein and Vrin.
Val Lumnezia's location allows for morning sun-drenched skiing and sunset walks amongst villages, lakes and a series of mountain-top bars and restaurants; An excellent alternative to see the Swiss Alps in all their glory.
Val Lumnezia is a settlement in Surselva and has a population of approximately 2,020.
It has an altitude of 1,255 meters. It is located in Grisons, Switzerland, in a natural area on the slope of the Alps mountain range. The valley is in eastern Switzerland to Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.
It is a border region.
Alpine Spas1 During the 9th and early 20th centuries, hot springs became Europe's biggest attraction for medical ailments, as wellness seekers flocked to the region's famous spas and sanatoriums. By rekindling the 21st century quest for wellness, the desire for the timeless soothing effects of hot springs, today's mountain spas bring this long tradition up to date.

The project, which is desired to be designed on a land of approximately 7000 m2, is located on a mountainous land and has a regime towards the valley on the plot. Instead of considering the green texture separately from the building, a circular design was made to include the green among the desired functions in the building. The circular mass cascades towards the slope and forms the hot spring pools. Instead of the pool being one piece, more special pool areas have been designed where different groups of friends can spend time by themselves, thanks to the gradation. The Restaurant Area is positioned in a structure that sees both the pools and the view from all directions, and serves everyone who comes.

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