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Kigali, Rwanda

Resıdence-hotel buıldıng 


The building is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Located in the Remera district of Kigali, the building consists of boutique hotels and apartments.
In the Remera region, which has a very active population, it is aimed to design a mobile and dynamic facade like the existing social environment.Colors, grids of different sizes and windows are used to create this dynamic facade.
When the building was encountered, the building construction had already started and the construction of the main structure was completed.The design made is based on the principle of re-planning and redesigning the existing building structure.
The plans and the facades of the project, where the columns and floors were completed, were reconsidered.It was requested by the customer to dissolve the facade of the building without any extra material coating, only with paint.Different rectangular pieces were obtained by dividing the facade into asymmetric modules.These different units were separated and formed together by certain color combinations.We wanted to create a distinctive effect from the current built environment in the front yard using the water element at the entrance.Redesigned all floor plans.In the first planned floors, toilets occupy a large space on the facade. By solving narrower WCs, both the room areas used were increased and more natural light was taken into the spaces. On the circular design of the front facade of the building, movement was achieved with windows in different positions. Thus, a geometric game was designed on the facade with both windows and grids of different sizes.

Gacuriro Villa


Luuka Hotel




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