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Dessau, Germany

Bauhaus museum 


The part of plot which virtually has no tree has been selected for deployment of the museum. In order not to prevent the existence of ODF monument, the building was finished behind the 
monument. The main entrance is provided via FriedrichstraBe. After entering the museum, 
temporary exhibition hall is reached which has been designed to take place in parallel manner to KavalierstraBe. At the end of temporary exhibition, workshop space and main exhibition hall starts. Workshop space is open to use via external access from the side of ODF monument as well. Temporary exhibition hall and workshop space are completely enabled to integrate with each other thanks to operable glass division panels. 
The main exhibition hall is not made up of by laying together some spaces as in classical museums. The hall is designed as a single volume with ramps facing towards park area. When entering the main exhibition hall from the temporary exhibition hall, one enters a space where all the topos can be seen. 
Because design exists in every walks of life, Bauhaus has been a school that has given products about many different areas such as fashion, art, architecture, industrial design etc. It is reflection of the fact of existence of design takes place at every step of life that famous architects have designed chairs and furniture and so forth. The approach, which influences the capillaries of life, of Bauhaus school which can be summarized as ‘designing everything’ has been the determining factor in the design of main exhibition hall. The hall is a holistic space where all different design components were gathered under the same roof. All other topos from every topos can be seen. Organization of topos on the ramp can be made freely in different size since there are no dividing elements. 



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